• Auti microbial anti odor
  • Negative ions anti static
  • Quick dry light weight
  • Cooling  refreshing


Rain drops of water on the shell , the pattern be visible.

1.In the rainy presented new fabric View: rain drops of water on the shell , the pattern be visible.|
2.At different temperatures, pattern will be different visible effects.
3.With a strong contemporary technological features.
4.In outdoor activities, have a strong sense of fashion.
5.Vivid,Bring more lively elements to outdoor.

Magic floral print is a typical representative of implicit photocopying, printing patterns on textiles with the changing external conditions change color printing, color pattern on the fabric by the conventional "static" to novelty "dynamic", the color of the changes in generally reversible change.


1.Photochromic printing

Photochromic printing, also known Dreaming printing, the early photochromic dye printing is becoming exhausted, dyes under UV irradiation changes in the structure, showing a different color. For example, A is a colorless dye, ultraviolet irradiation, the molecular structure of the open-loop into a cyanine dye B, blue, when the dye B and then exposed to visible light will re-converted to colorless dye A. Now the use of microencapsulation technology to optical variable dye onto the capsule, in general, from 1 to 10 microns in diameter, coated with microcapsules dye after light changed, which greatly improve the light fastness. Current optical variable dyes have been developed to have four basic colors: purple, blue, yellow, red, these four kinds of dyes which the initial structure variable are closed type, that is not color printed on the fabric, but in the ultraviolet irradiation can become purple, blue, yellow, red. The so-called photochromic from one color into another color, is in the printing paste in the light changed color dyes and paint blending general after - from printing. Such as light becomes red dye with blue paint blending after printing, the fabric surface appear blue under UV irradiation then becomes blue-purple.


2.Ther mochromic printing

Ther mochromic printing, also known temperature change printing, the early thermochromic printing using thermochromic dyes already processed into microcapsules, printed onto the fabric up, it has two types of reversible and irreversible. Irreversible thermochromic dyes generally used as temperature detection indication. Generally used in textiles are reversible. Its structure can be divided into inorganic and organic types, organic thermochromic dyes are widely used in textiles, which is the leuco dye, color developing agent and a sensitizer (phlegmatizer) composed of the three.


Some combination of the leuco dye to the color of the material a proton, such as internal lipids, indoles, pentyl amine compounds such as gold, as in a color system for electronic parts. A color-developing agent can be released proton release acid compound, such as phenols, carboxylic acids, benzotriazole, halogenated alcohols, is an electron withdrawing compound. Leuco dyes such as crystal violet lactone and a color-developing agent is a bisphenol A little knowledge of the color system down in a medium, when the down to a certain temperature, the bisphenol A release protons, i.e. the electron, crystal violet lactone opening ring, molecular rearrangement, conjugated double strand through and bisphenol A ion binding, thereby rendering the color. When the temperature rose to a certain, bisphenol A binding reagent protons, the leuco dye crystal violet lactone achromatic closed. Leuco dye and a color system, color-developing agent in a particular solvent to be in order to achieve color effects, the melt of such a solvent dye and a color-developing agent to have good dissolving capacity, and to increase system sensitivity to heat, it is known as a sensitizer (desensitization agent). Sensitizer is generally meltable higher fatty acids and esters, aromatic hydrocarbons and ethers and esters, and directly determines color temperatures.


Currently, thermochromic dyes have been developed to 15 basic colors, and colors can be mixed with each other to fight, chromatography is complete, but also with color paint blending with each other, so thermochromic dyes not only by colored to colorless, it can from one color into another color, color temperature residence time are increasingly sensitive to temperature than original color stays 10℃, developed to stay discoloration temperature is less than 5℃.