• The emission of negative ions
  • Heating thermal resistance
  • Antibacterial deodorizing
  • Environmental protection




Coffee is the use of carbon fiber  grounds, after calcination made crystal, and then ground into nano-powder, added to the polyester fibers to produce a functional polyester staple fiber - Coffee carbon fiber, its main antibacterial deodorant function, negative ions and UV emission, thermal insulation, low carbon environmental features and characteristics. 

1.Environmental protection:
reduction of carbon footprint, its carbon emissions 48% reduction in carbon than bamboo, coconut carbon by 85% .

2.Antibacterial deodorizing:
water and nutrients is a breeding ground for bacteria, who can provide much speed depends on the ambient temperature, moisture and nutrients, and coffee porous carbon adsorption to surface water has been effectively controlled, and thus restrain bacterial growth role. The bacteria will release ammonia odor in addition to significantly lower and therefore, it can also be an effective deodorant carbon coffee.

3.The emission of negative ions:

Coffee can emit negative ions of carbon fiber. The study confirmed that "oxygen free radicals" has chronic adverse health effects, not only will cause cell aging, damaged proteins, and even reduce the immune system, accelerating atherosclerosis and cancer. The main function of negative ions neutralize "free radicals", so that the cell oxidation slowed. Studies have shown that wearing a coffee carbon products, the absorption of negative ions, and the effect of early morning walk in the park, like around 400-800 per cubic centimeter, equivalent to 2-4 times the office, outdoor heavy traffic at 6-8 times. 

Through try found that coffee carbon products are not only able to reduce bacterial growth by inhibiting the release of ammonia odor, but also effectively remove tobacco odors. Coffee carbon fiber is a new environmentally friendly materials with exceptional performance, not how the adverse effects on the environment caused. 
Coffee fibers than normal carbon fiber heating effect, with 500W halogen lamp 60 minutes, the temperature of the high magnitude lower than the PET fiber, carbon fiber clothing to wear coffee, you can enjoy coffee and warm naturally 

Coffee micrographs of carbon fiber

Coffee carbon yarn stickers skin area  larger, the better the effect thermal insulation.


UPF Coefficient UV Rating
15~24   Good
25~39  Very good
More than 40 Excellent

UPT value of the ultraviolet protection factor,  is calculated when unprotected skin . The average effect of UV radiation and skin protection when computing fabric the average effect of the ratio of UV radiation.