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    Talking about environmental protection and sustainable development
    With economic growth, the development of social, environmental problem is getting worse. Environmental degradation increasing threat to human life. Therefore, environmental protection and sustainable development has been put on the agenda, and become the focus of widespread concern. In this paper, the relationship between environmental protection and sustainable development will be some performance, environmental problems and the cause of environmental problems to seek coordination of environmental protection and sustainable development of harmonized measures put forward their Opinions.
    Keywords: Environmental protection, environmental problems, causes, sustainable development measures
    1. The relationship of environmental protection and sustainable development
    1.1 Meaning of sustainable development
    Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations to meet capacity it has this sense: adhere to the people-oriented comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the scientific concept of development, properly handle the population, relations resources, the environment, so that our ability to continue to enhance the sustainable development of the ecological environment has been improved significantly improve the efficiency of resource use, to promote coordination between man and nature, and promote the whole society to embark on the development of production, affluent life and sound eco-civilization harmonious development. sustainable development is a new concept in the 1980s with the widespread discussion of the global environment and development issues and raised awareness of the traditional development model is a long-term deep reflection of the crystal. It requires people to meet the aspirations of a better life at the same time, a good deal with the relationship between intergenerational, not for their own development needs at the expense of the next generation of people with fair use rights to natural resources, the use of resources should be in a reasonable range the regular use.
    1.2 Relationship sustainable development and environmental protection
    Processing close relationship between environmental protection and sustainable development, environmental protection work must be done blindly pursue interests, wantonly destroy the environment, Lankan cleared for farming, deforestation, only the immediate, regardless of the long-term, is bound to sever the posterior development. Good environmental provide prerequisite for sustainable development, while promoting sustainable development and better environmental protection work carried out, the two are interdependent and can not be neglected. In short, the need for sustainable development of environmental protection and sustainable development of more environmentally friendly work.
    2. The performance of environmental issues
    The so-called environmental problems, is due to natural causes or human activity, degradation of the environment or ecosystem imbalance, resulting in adverse effects on human social and economic development, health and life phenomenon. According to World Health Organization statistics, the world's environmental quality presents general downward trend, especially in recent years, with the rapid economic development, environmental issues will increasingly pronounced.
    2.1 Warming
    Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other industrial waste is discharged lot, so global warming. The past 50 years, always in global warming. By 2025, the global average temperature will rise by 1 degree Celsius rise in the next century will be about 2 degrees Celsius. Sea level rise in the next century will be more than 1 meter, large tracts of land into the sea bed. Climate warming droughts, floods, storms and other natural disasters occur frequently, tropical and subtropical crops, large scale production, a serious ecological imbalance.
    2.2 Ozone depletion
    A large number of emission of harmful gases into the air, but also severely damaged the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Currently, the Antarctic ozone hole reached 20 million square kilometers, about twice the area of continental Europe. Is expected to 2000, the ozone layer over the northern hemisphere will be reduced by 25% -30%. Ozone was originally human health umbrella, once the damage caused by the destruction of ultraviolet radiation on humans and animals, plants, etc. would have been followed, skin cancer, melanoma, cataracts and other diseases continue to attack humans.
    2.3 Biodiversity
    Damage to the environment a direct threat to the survival of plants and animals, according to incomplete statistics, the world's 75 species have become extinct every day, every hour three species extinction! If this continues, we will also human life is threatened.
    2.4 Spread of acid rain
    Industrial emissions caused by acid rain, smog, but also to bring untold disaster creatures. Acid rain went, withered plants, soil acidification, water deterioration, the building was corrosion.
    2.5 Forest dropped 
    Human uncontrolled pollution and environmental damage caused by deforestation has led to dwindling forest trees, now the world's forest area reduction of about 11.3 million hectares per year.
    2.6 Desertification
    By 1996, global desertification of land has reached 36 million square kilometers, accounting for 1/4 of the entire Earth's land area, equivalent to the sum of Russia, Canada, China and the United States land area. Into the twentieth century, the world will lose about 1/3 of arable land. In humans in many of today's environmental problems, desertification is one of the most serious disaster.
    2.7 Atmospheric Pollution
    Air pollution to human factors (such as industrial waste gas, live coal, automobile exhaust, explosions, etc.) based, in particular, industrial production and transportation caused. The main process by pollution emissions, atmospheric propagation, and objects composed of victims of these three aspects.
    2.8 Water pollution
    Today, the Earth's ecological environment has been severely damaged by human activities. Especially water pollution is more prominent. According to statistics, water emissions worldwide has reached 400 billion cubic meters, making 5.5 trillion cubic meters of water contamination, runoff accounted for more than 14% of the world total.
    In addition to marine pollution, he gave a great deal of harm to humans.
    3. Environmental problems arise
    3.1 People's ideology is not strong
    Due to the traditional concept of conquering nature of long-term retention in people's consciousness, that human beings indulge in endless obtained from nature, conquering nature requires a constant struggle with nature. On the other hand, regardless of the long-term care for immediate benefits, such bound by the narrow-mindedness, in order to get immediate, to meet their current needs, by all means, and the cost to use natural, resulting in enormous damage to the environment.
    3.2 Excessive population growth
    China is a populous country, their demand for resources, coupled with the population on the rise in recent years, which is exacerbated by the demand for human resources. In order to meet the needs of a large number of Reclamation, that exceed the natural endurance, so that the environment continues to deteriorate.
    3.3 Irrational use of resources
    As the world population continues to grow and rapid economic development, human demand for natural resources is growing, while the supply of natural resources, regeneration and proliferation takes time, once the use of more than the limit, in order to recover is difficult. Especially non-renewable resources, such as mineral resources, and its reserves did not increase in the period of time, its mining process is the process of resource depletion. Contemporary social non-renewable resources, huge demand (such as coal, oil, iron ore, etc.), but also exacerbated the depletion rate of these resources. According to statistics, for the extraction of oil, according to the current level of consumption, oil resources are expected to last only 30 to 50 years of mining.
    In addition, the majority of the poor and backward areas, due to low population and cultural qualities, especially in developing countries, people are unaware of the environmental feedback, but blindly greedy obtained from the environment, not to the uncontrolled production and life waste contaminants into the environment, ecological consciousness, long-term use of harmful environmental production methods, while the non-polluting technologies and disregard of environmental resources management, such as ignoring the environmental impact, the blind expansion of arable land, deforestation, construction of dams and arbitrary roads, etc., resulting in the destruction of ecosystems, natural decline in productivity, and a vicious cycle
    4. Sustainable development and environmental protection measures seek harmony
    4.1 Raise people's environmental awareness
    Strengthen publicity and education to raise people's awareness of environmental protection to achieve harmony between man and nature, obtained from nature at the same time, we must continue to invest in natural, not only the immediate regardless of the long-term, while meeting their needs for the next generation survival and development aside posterior. At the same time let the "polluter pays" concept popular.
    4.2 Sound environmental legal system
    Government improve the legal system, the development of some environmental laws and regulations, regulate people's behavior, to give some of the acts that damage the environment punish punishment.
    4.3 Fully establish and implement the scientific development concept, establish and improve decision-making and institutional environment-friendly system.
    Adhere to the people-oriented, safeguarding environmental rights of the masses, to improve the environmental quality of view, urban and rural development, regional development, economic and social development, development of man and nature development, and domestic development and opening up, the development of relevant laws, regulations and development strategies, planning, promote harmony between man and nature, to achieve economic development and population, resources and environment in harmony, the development of production, affluent life and sound eco-civilization development.
    4.4 Strengthening international cooperation
    Environmental issues is not a single country, but rather a global problem, we must strengthen international solidarity and cooperation, to work together to achieve an early reunification of environmental protection and sustainable development, to create a good environment for human survival.
    In short, to make a long man for the contribution of environmental protection and sustainable development, starting with ourselves, starting from the side, a unified environmental protection and sustainable development will become a reality, people's living environment will be greatly improved.


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